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Source: Swinder Janda, 785-532-5439, swinder@k-state.edu
Hometown connection: Assaria, Basehor, Hill City, Lenexa, Louisburg, Manhattan, Natoma, North Newton, Ottawa, Overland Park, Riley, Satanta, Seneca, Smith Center, Waterville and Wichita, Kan.; Kansas City, Mo.; and Sioux Falls, S.D.
News release prepared by: Andy Ptacek, andrewp@k-state.edu

Friday, April 13, 2012

Global classroom: Business students spend nine days in Europe learning about marketing-mix strategies

MANHATTAN -- At Kansas State University, learning business in the College of Business Administration means not only working in the classroom, but also visiting companies across the world.

Students in this semester's International Business class got a taste of the European luxury market during their spring break faculty-led trip to the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The nine-day trip focused on marketing-mix strategies. Taught by Swinder Janda, professor of marketing and the Robert M. Edgerley chair in global business, the course creates awareness of the contemporary international environment, how it is changing and how that affects the United States.

In London students visited the Coca-Cola Co., which operates in more than 200 countries and sells 1.7 billion drinks a day. They also visited Fuller's Brewery. Founded in 1845, Fuller's operates more than 360 pubs and brews 30 different beers.

The group then took the Eurostar Train from London to spend the day in Paris, where they visited Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesey, or LVMH, the luxury conglomerate with a portfolio of more 60 brands, including wine, fashion and selective retailing sectors.

"My favorite visit was LVMH," said Rachael Jensen, a senior in marketing and management, Lenexa. "College students rarely get to interact with luxury products and it was interesting to learn how to market a luxury brand. The strategies used are very different than marketing strategies for everyday products, and I found that the most interesting."

The last leg of the trip was Munich and a visit to BMW. During the tour students were guided through all the major steps in the manufacturing process and received an overview of the evolution of the BMW brand.

"Having the opportunity to taste three different cultures in just nine days is the opportunity of a lifetime," said Hannah Epp, senior in marketing from North Newton. "Just go with an open mind and be willing and ready to embrace every experience there is to offer."

Despite having a very full agenda, students had a full day for sightseeing in each city, providing a chance to interact and build perspective on each culture.

The classroom work is already taking place, as students are currently documenting their experiences. Each student will submit a research paper relating observations from the field trips to the lecture materials and readings covered throughout the course.

Along with Jensen and Epp, students participating in the European trip included:

Kristi Hargadine, senior in accounting and finance, Assaria; Jacob Mark, senior in management, Basehor;

Joelene George, senior in marketing, Hill City; Alissah Ferris, senior in accounting, Louisburg.

From Manhattan: Billy Dempsay, senior in marketing; Emily Jardine, junior in marketing; and Bryant Kniffin, junior in marketing.

Kayla Grafel, senior in marketing, Natoma; Andrea Fouts, senior in marketing, Ottawa.

From Overland Park: Tyler Becker, senior in marketing; Jentry Samuelson, senior in accounting and family studies and human services; and Zachary Sargent, senior in marketing.

Gwen Fritz, junior in marketing, Riley; Kendal Clawson, senior in finance and agricultural economics, Satanta; Derek Duryea, senior in marketing, Seneca; April Rust, senior in accounting, Smith Center; Chantel Niemeier, senior in marketing, Waterville; and Sydney Brown, sophomore in business administration pre-professional, Wichita.

From out of state: Emily Bullington, junior in management, Kansas City, Mo.; Brittany Anthony, senior in management, Sioux Falls, S.D.

From China: Linlin Shi, senior in marketing; and Jiali Zhu, senior in accounting and finance.