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Veterinary students saddle up for prestigious equine medicine scholarships 

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023

Anne Brien and Bailey Fritz

Fourth-year veterinary students Anne Brien, left, and Bailey Fritz were two of four students chosen nationally to receive a $75,000 Coyote Rock Ranch Veterinary Scholarship. | Download this photo.



MANHATTAN — Kansas State University veterinary medicine students Anne Brien and Bailey Fritz are two of just four recipients chosen nationally for the prestigious $75,000 Coyote Rock Ranch Scholarship from The Foundation for the Horse.

The scholarship awards top veterinary school students with a dedication to equine medicine for their academic excellence, leadership and long-term goals.

"Anne and Bailey are both stellar students who show incredible future potential as researchers and clinicians," said James Roush, associate dean of academic programs and student success in the College of Veterinary Medicine. "As an associate dean and one of their instructors, I have followed and am in awe of what they have already accomplished in their careers. The K-State College of Veterinary Medicine is proud to be represented this year by two deserving recipients selected from a large national pool for such a prestigious and competitive award."

The Foundation for the Horse, a charitable organization based in Lexington, Kentucky, will present the awards on Nov. 30 during the American Association of Equine Practitioners, or AAEP, annual convention in San Diego, California. The four scholarship recipients for this year were selected from 47 distinguished applicants, and the two other recipients are veterinary students at the University of Georgia and the University of California, Davis.

Brien, from Rolla, North Dakota, was noted for being actively engaged with the equine veterinary community throughout her academic journey. As vice president of the K-State student chapter of the AAEP, she managed the social media, organized events and fostered learning opportunities. Brien forged connections with equine professionals nationwide and gained practical experience at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.

Brien aspires to become an equine-focused practitioner, working toward expanding mixed animal hospitals' equine capabilities and actively contributing to the veterinary profession through involvement in the AAEP and the American Veterinary Medical Association. She hopes to be a role model for Native American students in animal health and promote animal welfare within Native American communities by addressing disparities in veterinary representation and underserved communities' access to equine care.

"I am so grateful for the generosity and support those at the Coyote Rock Ranch and the Foundation for the Horse have shown me and so many other aspiring equine veterinarians," Brien said. "The Coyote Rock Ranch Scholarship has helped me immensely to be better prepared financially for life and my career following graduation. I am so excited to represent future equine veterinarians, my home community and K-State as a Coyote Rock Ranch Scholar!"

Fritz, from Westmoreland, began her veterinary journey with active involvement in the K-State student chapter of AAEP, where she expanded lab topics and organized an equine mentorship group as president. After receiving her veterinary degree, Fritz plans to complete an equine surgical residency and pursue a dual clinical and research position in academia, focusing on equine pain and soft tissue injuries.

Her doctoral work in physiology will facilitate impactful research during her residency. After an equine internship, Fritz seeks to establish strong connections and collaborate on meaningful equine research. She also hopes to mentor aspiring equine veterinarians and make a lasting impact on the field.

"I am so thankful for the incredible generosity of the Coyote Rock Ranch team and the Foundation for the Horse," Fritz said. "Their investment in the equine profession impacts so many lives; it was a huge honor to have been selected for this award among so many excellent candidates."

Fritz said she is investigating chiropractic or acupuncture certification courses for next year and hopes to visit a few equine pharmacology laboratories to explore future residency positions.

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