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K-State Salina welcomes the largest incoming freshman class

Monday, Oct. 2, 2023


K-State Salina enrollment grew 8.6% this year, with 863 total students enrolled. | Download this photo.



SALINA — Kansas State University Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus has achieved a remarkable milestone by welcoming the largest incoming freshman class in its history.

The Kansas Board of Regents reports K-State Salina has experienced 8.6% growth in overall enrollment compared to the previous academic year. The most notable increase is the 21.8% growth in the campus’s fall 2023 freshman class. The Salina campus gained 145 first-time freshman and continues forward momentum in providing academic excellence and developing global leaders of tomorrow. The newly opened Earhart Hall also offers an exceptional student life experience to the growing student body.  

“This year’s enrollment gains are due to the collective commitment of faculty, staff and the entire K-State Salina community providing an outstanding experience to our students,” said Michael James, executive director of administration, finance and enrollment management. “As the campus continues to focus on innovation and quality education in aerospace and technology, it has become clear K-State Salina is an exceptional institution to attend and obtain your education. As our campus works toward the Next-Gen K-State goal of 1,500 annual enrollment by 2030, we will continue to work hard to foster a thriving and inclusive community both in and out of the classroom to prepare our students for success.”

In addition to overall and freshman enrollment, K-State Salina has seen a 7.3% growth in undergraduate enrollment and an astounding 175% increase in graduate enrollment. The increase can be attributed to the campus's introduction of multiple new program options, including two new graduate degree offerings. 

For more information on K-State Salina and its academic offerings, visit www.salina.k-state.edu/admissions/

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