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K-State Steel Bridge team to participate in national competition

Thursday, June 1, 2023



MANHATTAN — The Kansas State University Steel Bridge team will participate in the American Institute of Steel Construction, or AISC, National Steel Bridge Competition June 2-3 on the campus of the University of California at San Diego.

The team took second place as hosts of the American Society of Civil Engineers, or ASCE, Mid-America Student Symposium regional competition in April, which challenged participants to create a one-tenth scale steel bridge — approximately 20 feet in length. 

The process included designing and fabricating a bridge to support 2,500 pounds of steel. The metrics used to determine the best bridge included the overall aesthetics, the weight and vertical deflection of the bridge, and the time required to build the bridge from steel parts. Each part must fit in a box with dimensions of 4 inches by 6 inches by 4 feet.

Scott Schiff, teaching professor of civil engineering, is the faculty advisor for the team.

"Overall, each bridge is scored based on lowest cost, and our bridge came in second with a cost of $21 million," said team captain Johan Rogers, senior in civil engineering, Frederick, Maryland. "Finishing second overall qualified us to make the trip to nationals and finish the year strong."

In addition to Rogers, members of the Steel Bridge team traveling to San Diego include the following students:

Caden Powell, junior in civil engineering, Abilene; Koby Hesse, senior in civil engineering, Greeley; Cade Rapp, senior in civil engineering, Olathe; Isaac Brakner, junior in civil engineering, Paola; Gabe Flanders, graduate student in civil engineering, Pratt; Ty Reishus, junior in civil engineering, Shawnee; Joe Van Lanen, senior in civil engineering, St. Marys.

From out of state: Kurtis Wicka, 2023 graduate in civil engineering, Paso Robles, California; Morgan Trabert, senior in civil engineering, Rosemount, Minnesota; Gavin McGowan, senior in civil engineering, St. Clair, Minnesota; Josh Willoughby, senior in civil engineering, Lee's Summit, Missouri; and Ella Elmendorf, sophomore in civil engineering, St. Peters, Missouri.

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Abilene, Greeley, Olathe, Paola, Pratt, Shawnee and St. Marys, Kansas; Paso Robles, California; Rosemount and St. Clair, Minnesota; and Lee's Summit and St. Peters, Missouri.

Written by

Grant Guggisberg