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K-State awards Civic Leadership Scholarship to three high school seniors

Friday, March 10, 2023



MANHATTAN — Kansas State University recently awarded three high school seniors the K-State Civic Leadership Scholarship from a group of ten finalists. The scholarship rewards students who are making a difference and demonstrating creativity by developing projects and programs with a lasting impact on those they serve.

Teagan Ellenz, Osborne, a senior at Osborne High School, received first place and a $4,000 K-State Civic Leadership Scholarship. Taylor Pringle, Admire, a senior at Northern Heights High School, received the second-place scholarship of $2,500, while Jensen Brull, Hays, a senior at Thomas More Preparatory: Marian High School, received the third-place scholarship of $2,000.

The finalists competed in an on-campus interview and recognition day earlier this semester. They were selected for demonstrating a commitment to serving others in their community, school or place of worship.

The following students were also finalists for K-State's Civic Leadership Scholarship: 

Grace Schaefer, Andover, a senior at Andover Central High School; Darcee Ashcraft, Holton, a senior at Holton High School; and Corbin Hoppas, Wichita, a senior at Andover High School.

From out of state: Landry O’Bryan, St. Joseph, Missouri, a senior at Central High School; Annika Lindt, Sunset, Texas, a senior at Decatur High School; and Grayce Lynam, Manassas, Virginia, a senior at Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School.


K-State Civic Leadership Scholarship

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Admire, Andover, Hays, Holton, Osborne and Wichita, Kansas; St. Joseph, Missouri; Sunset, Texas; and Manassas, Virginia.

Written by

Holly Gerke