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New student ambassadors selected to serve K-State Libraries

Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022

K-State Libraries Ambassadors

The newest members of the K-State Libraries Student Ambassadors have been selected following an application and interview process. From left are Omatayo Onanuga, Mara Aberle, Naomi Galindo, Ellissa Neill, Jon Pursell, Sai Prathyusha Gadaeraju, Jess Hargett, Kimberly Hatch and Biruk Alemu. | Download this photo.



MANHATTAN — Eleven Kansas State University students have been selected to join the K-State Libraries Student Ambassadors. The ambassadors help promote and advocate for all libraries, including Hale Library.

The new ambassadors will serve two-year terms as representatives for K-State Libraries at social, cultural and recruitment activities. They join 14 students currently serving as ambassadors. The ambassadors provide valuable feedback on K-State Libraries' initiatives and services for the university student body. As ambassadors, the students learn leadership skills and have the opportunity to make a positive impact at the university. For more information about the program, visit lib.k-state.edu/ambassadors.

The ambassadors were chosen following an application process and finalist interviews. The interview committee included advisers Sara K. Kearns, academic services librarian, Challen Wright, metadata librarian, and Darchelle Martin, past director of communications and marketing. The committee also included three current ambassadors.

"We are delighted to welcome this year's new ambassadors," Kearns said. "They represent a wide range of experiences in life, but all share a commitment to libraries and their community. We're looking forward to their voices joining our returning ambassadors as they advocate for their fellow students and for K-State Libraries."

The following students are new K-State Libraries Student Ambassadors:

Naomi Galindo, senior in French and international studies, El Dorado; Jess Hargett, sophomore in fine arts, and Shawntearia Hunt, sophomore in human development and family science, both from Kansas City; Kimberly Hatch, master's in nutrition, dietetics and sensory sciences, Manhattan; Biruk Alemu, junior in computer science, Olathe; Mara Aberle, freshman in English, Sabetha; and Jon Pursell, sophomore in psychology and pre-med, Shawnee.

From out of state: Ellissa Neill, freshman in environmental engineering, Blue Springs, Missouri.

From out of country: Sai Prathyusha Gadaeraju, doctoral student in statistics, Hyderabad, India; Omotayo Onanuga, master's student in architecture, Lagos, Nigeria; and Mia Batista, sophomore in entrepreneurship, Puerto Rico.