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College of Education's Master of Arts in teaching ranks as 10th in nation

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021



MANHATTAN — Degrees offered by the Kansas State University College of Education are represented in the latest online program rankings by U.S. News and World Report, with one holding the distinction of being the highest-ranked at the university.

Ranked 10th in the nation, the curriculum and instruction department's master's degree is K-State's highest-ranked online master's program and includes the Master of Arts in teaching. This one-year, intensive online cohort degree program is designed for career changers.

The curriculum and instruction department is led by Todd Goodson, professor and chair, and the Master of Arts in teaching program is led by Tom Vontz, professor and the program coordinator.

Debbie Mercer, dean of the College of Education, believes this is an example of the right program at the right time.

"The department has been innovative and responsive to needs," Mercer said. "The success of the Master of Arts in teaching program is a combination of quality, timeliness and responsiveness to a need that exists in the marketplace. It is also the direct result of a deep understanding of teacher preparation and the creative thinking necessary to develop and grow a rigorous online program that graduate students feel connected to."

The special education, counseling and student affairs department's online master's degree in special education — launched in 2020 — was ranked 12th in the nation. The department is led by Christy Craft, professor and interim chair, and the degree program is led by Warren White, professor.

"The No. 1 need in Kansas schools is special education teachers, and by offering our program online, K-State is making it even easier for professionals to move into careers in this highly specialized area," Mercer said.

The educational leadership department's master's degree was ranked 27th in the nation. The department is led by Jerry Johnson, professor and chair.

"Leadership matters, whether that organization is in the public or private sector," Mercer said. "Strong administrators build positive learning cultures, and what's so powerful about this degree is it brings together leaders from so many professions — education, medicine, corporations, government and nonprofits — and identifies the best theories and how to apply them. I am thrilled all of these programs are receiving the recognition they deserve."


Debbie Mercer


College of Education

Written by

Patrice Scott