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McCain Connected adds Jeff Daniels and 'SLEEP SQUAD' to its online series

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021

Jeff Daniels

Actor, writer and musician Jeff Daniels will perform a livestream concert from his home exclusively for McCain Connected patrons at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27. Find the online ticket link at mccain.k-state.edu. | Download this photo.



MANHATTAN — Kansas State University's McCain Connected series is adding two new online shows to its virtual lineup: a livestream concert by award-winning actor, writer and musician Jeff Daniels and the family-friendly interactive virtual theater experience "SLEEP SQUAD."

Livestreamed from the actor's home exclusively to McCain Connected patrons, the Daniels' concert will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27. "SLEEP SQUAD" can be livestreamed on demand now through Sunday, Feb. 21.

Crafting an intimate, entertaining and unforgettable evening, Daniels' brand-new show features music from his new album, "Alive and Well Enough." Music lovers and movie fans alike will enjoy his songs, musicianship and the stories that only he can tell. Viewers can submit questions during the show and Daniels will answer them in a post-show Q&A.

Tickets are $20 for individuals watching alone or $30 if there will be multiple people watching. Tickets for the livestream can be purchased online only. A ticket-purchasing link is available on the McCain Auditorium website, mccain.k-state.edu. A portion of each purchase supports McCain Auditorium.

Offering unique, kid-driven comedy and music from the Story Pirates that you can't see or hear anywhere else, "SLEEP SQUAD" is a world premiere on-demand production that creates a new kind of bedtime ritual for kids age 4-12. Turning homes into rocket ships to launch kids into their dreams, "SLEEP SQUAD" guides adventurers through three different enchanting virtual experiences, adapted from stories written by real kids. These include a visit to a desert island, a dinosaur's birthday party and an intergalactic nightclub, allowing kids to take ownership of the imagination-powered storytelling.

"SLEEP SQUAD" concludes with soothing music that will help lull adventurers to sleep. A "Dreamtime Travel Kit" can be delivered to each ticket buyer's home address. The items in the kit, including a dream journal and a star machine, help bring the performance to life and provide lasting "SLEEP SQUAD" keepsakes. The video only is $35 and can be viewed any time for two weeks after the date of purchase. The video and the travel kit are $50.

Tickets for "SLEEP SQUAD" can be purchased online only. A ticket-purchasing link is available on the McCain Auditorium website. A portion of each purchase supports McCain Auditorium.

For further information, email mccain@k-state.edu.


Todd Holmberg


McCain Connected