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Ten K-State graduate students selected to present research at Kansas Capitol event

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020



MANHATTAN — Research studies on crop management, pest control, economics and public health communication are the focus of some of the winning presentations by Kansas State University graduate students in the Graduate Student Council's annual Research and the State poster forum, conducted virtually on Oct. 23.

Research and the State involved 35 participants from six academic colleges and 22 graduate programs. Ten graduate students were chosen to represent the university and present their work in the 18th Capitol Graduate Research Summit, set for February 2021 in a virtual format. Each winner receives a $250 scholarship.

"The winners of Research and the State showcase the outstanding and diverse research being conducted at K-State that has direct benefit to the state of Kansas," said Carol Shanklin, dean of the Graduate School. "The winners will communicate the value of their research to the state legislators, the Kansas Board of Regents and the public when they share their research in the Capitol Graduate Research Summit in February. This event is one of the many opportunities on which the Graduate School and the Graduate Student Council collaborate to enhance our graduate students' ability to communicate their research to the public."

The Capitol Graduate Research Summit is an annual statewide summit that features current research of graduate students at Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, the University of Kansas Medical Center, Wichita State University, Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University and Pittsburg State University. Academic and industry judges evaluate the presentations and select an award recipient from each university. In addition, BioKansas gives awards to outstanding presentations for research that aligns with the organization's mission.

The following Kansas State University graduate students were selected to represent K-State in the Capitol Graduate Research Summit:

• Cameron Osborne, doctoral student in entomology, Fresno, California, for "Identifying enzymes limiting an effective RNAI response in the biting midge culicoides sonorensis." Osborne's faculty advisor is Kristopher Silver, research assistant professor of entomology.

• Jeremy Williams, master's student in public health, Russiaville, Indiana, for "Data-driven stories of opportunity: Development of a comprehensive communication plan for the Riley County opportunity map." Williams' faculty advisor is Ellyn Mulcahy, associate professor of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology.

• Hannah Stowe, master's student in entomology, Kansas City, Missouri, for "Discontinuous diet alters fitness and flight behavior of Hippodamia convergens (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)." Stowe's faculty advisor is Tania Kim, assistant professor of entomology.

• Stephen Hammond, doctoral student in human ecology specializing in kinesiology, Coshocton, Ohio, for "Skin blood vessel responses following 5-fluorouracil chemotherapy administration." Hammond's faculty advisor is Carl Ade, associate professor of kinesiology.

• Tian Liu, doctoral student in economics, China, for "General trade policy uncertainty and U.S. trade flows." Liu's faculty advisor is Peri Silva, professor of economics.

• Chetan Badgujar, doctoral student in biological and agricultural engineering, India, for "Tractive performance of tracked ground autonomous vehicle on varying slopes." Badgujar's faculty advisor is Daniel Flippo, associate professor of biological and agricultural engineering.

• Manjot Kaur Rekhi, master's student in Agronomy, India, for "Can a soil-based microbial fuel cell track nutrient dynamics?" Rekhi's faculty advisor is Ganga Hettiarachchi, professor of agronomy.

• Juhwan Lim, doctoral student in human ecology specializing in hospitality administration, South Korea, for "The role of photos to attract more guests for local community." Lim's faculty advisor is Jichul Jang, associate professor of hospitality management.

• Jaeyoung Ha, doctoral student in environmental design and planning, South Korea, for "Does campus biodvierstiy matter for students' psychological well-being?" Ha's faculty advisor is Hyung Jin Kim, associate professor of landscape architecture/regional community planning.

• Kelly Shunje, doctoral student in chemistry, Zimbabwe, for "Crystal engineering approach in designing enhanced urea fertilizers." Shunje's faculty advisor is Christer Aakeröy, distinguished professor of chemistry.


Carol Shanklin

News tip

Fresno, California; Russiaville, Indiana; Kansas City, Missouri; and Coshocton, Ohio.


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