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Online aviation degree launches at Kansas State Polytechnic this spring

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Online aviation

An online Bachelor of Science in aeronautical technology with a professional aviation option is now being offered by Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus. | Download this photo.


MANHATTAN — Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus is expanding its aviation offerings to include an online bachelor's degree geared for students who have previously earned aviation-related certificates, ratings, licensures or college credit. 

This spring, a Bachelor of Science in aeronautical technology with a professional aviation option has launched at Kansas State Polytechnic. The online program combines a business and leadership emphasis with an aviation area of concentration in which the student already has experience. It is designed to provide a pathway for students to build on their training, advance their skills and complete a bachelor's degree.

"We wanted to offer a degree that would give students the opportunity to accomplish their professional goals by maximizing the value of the college credit or certifications they have already achieved," said Troy Brockway, aviation professor at Kansas State Polytechnic. "The professional aviation degree is convenient with its online option and is comprehensive by welcoming a variety of transferrable aviation specialties. It also will enhance students' employability and will assist with their upward mobility in the industry."

Students can transfer in up to 60 credit hours with up to 35 of those hours being in an aviation focus, such as professional pilot, aviation maintenance, air traffic control, airport management, unmanned aircraft systems, avionics and aviation safety. The degree utilizes the students' aviation focus by connecting it with classes in management, leadership and business, including Aviation Law, Practices of Industrial and Labor Relations, Managerial and Project Economics, and Supervisory Management.

Those who consider the professional aviation degree could include students who have obtained flight ratings at a different university or at an airport fixed-base operator, an A&P aircraft maintenance technician, an air traffic controller, members of the military, and an aviation-focused associate degree holder. Once students have graduated with this bachelor's degree, they can expect to seek careers in every facet of aviation including sales, management, operations, maintenance and safety.

To learn more about the new professional aviation degree option, contact Kansas State Polytechnic's admissions office at 785-826-2640 or polytechnic@k-state.edu.


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Professional aviation

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