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Global Campus launches free online peer group for academic continuity planners

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


MANHATTAN — The best time to plan for a crisis on campus is before one strikes.

With that in mind, Kansas State University Global Campus created the free online community Keep Teaching: Resources for Higher Ed as a place for peers working in academic continuity planning to come together and share knowledge that could help others.

This community was developed as a way to promote resource sharing, discussion and virtual events all with the goal of crowdsourcing strategies and ideas related to academic continuity planning so that in times of stress or strain, members are more prepared to handle tough issues.

"We want this community to be a place where professionals from all over the country, and internationally, come together as peers to have purposeful conversations and share valuable information," said Katie Linder, executive director for program development at Global Campus. "Our goal is to create stronger relationships between colleagues and help stakeholders make well-informed decisions about all things related to academic continuity."

The Keep Teaching: Resources for Higher Ed community is designed for a variety of roles within higher education, including faculty members, librarians, student support professionals, disability service professionals, educational developers and other support staff involved with academic continuity planning.

The community leverages the Mighty Network platform, offering wide accessibility and the opportunity to engage with other members in a variety of ways.

Those who are interested in viewing available resources are encouraged to join the group.

Written by

Grant Guggisberg

At a glance

Kansas State University Global Campus has created Keep Teaching Resources for Higher Ed, a free online community for peers working in academic continuity to share knowledge.