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College of Education new home of community college leadership center, doctoral program

Monday, Sept. 23, 2019


MANHATTAN — The Kansas State University College of Education is now home to the John E. Roueche Center for Community College Leadership and the nation's premier doctoral program for aspiring community college leaders.

John E. Roueche, the visionary behind the doctoral program at the University of Texas, Austin for four decades, recently joined the College of Education faculty. His hiring provided an opportunity for Roueche and the college to collaboratively chart the future path for community college leadership development with a 21st century-purposed curriculum.

"K-State is a world-class and respected institution, and the program is going to be enhanced greatly by being associated with the Wildcats," Roueche said. "Philosophically and structurally, we are a good fit, and we are already operational."

Debbie Mercer, dean of the College of Education, said this Doctor of Education program will place K-State at the forefront of community college leaders. The American Association of Community College has about 1,200 members, and according to the U.S. Department of Education, there are 1,462 community colleges across the U.S.

"Dr. Roueche is adding an entirely new dimension to our college's already impressive educational leadership offerings and we are delighted to welcome him to the faculty," Mercer said. "We are excited about the exposure this program brings to the college and even more so about the potential to raise K-State's national profile and attract transfer students from all across the country — be it online or on campus. Every college across our campus will likely benefit from this association."

Nearly 60 doctoral students are enrolled in the leadership program. The center was approved at the Kansas Board of Regents meeting Sept. 18.


Debbie Mercer


Roueche is Roosh


Community College Leadership Program


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John E. Roueche

The Kansas Board of Regents recently approved the John E. Roueche Center for Community College Leadership at Kansas State University's College of Education. Roueche has joined the college's faculty.

Written by

Patrice Scott