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Kansas State University launching online hospitality administration master's degree

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019


MANHATTAN – In an effort to provide more educational options for those working in the hospitality industry, Kansas State University will launch an online hospitality administration master's degree in fall 2019.

Students who complete the master's degree will be well-prepared for a career in the hospitality industry, armed with the theoretical and research base needed for managerial, educational or research positions in the field.

"We designed this degree knowing that many of our potential students are working full time in the industry and need the flexibility that online coursework provides," said Junehee Kwon, professor and graduate program director in the hospitality management department at Kansas State University. "The experience gained through this master's degree program, coupled with previous employment experience within the industry, provide the opportunity for graduates to be leaders in this industry for years to come."

The 30 credit hour program (36 credit hours with the coursework-only option), which was previously offered only at the Manhattan campus, was brought online to meet the needs of the hospitality industry while offering flexibility to those working in the industry who often deal with unpredictable and uncommon work hours, as well as those who are place-bound to their current location.

For more information on the hospitality administration master's degree, visit global.k-state.edu/humanecology/hospitality/masters/.

Written by

Grant Guggisberg