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In great SHAPE: Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus earns honor from Kansas Department of Labor for workplace safety

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018

SHAPE celebration

Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus staff members celebrate receiving the Safety and Health Award for Public Employees from the Kansas Department of Labor. | Download this photo.


SALINA — Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus is a recipient of the Kansas Department of Labor's Safety and Health Award for Public Employees, known as SHAPE.

The state department developed the SHAPE program to promote safety in the workplace and recognize safety-conscience employers and employees in the public sector.

Kansas State Polytechnic's facilities department has been actively pursuing a robust safety culture on campus by empowering all employees to take part in successful safety measures around campus. This includes implementing a well-managed safety and health program that saves lives, increases quality of life, improves morale and productivity, and decreases both direct and indirect costs.

"I am very proud of the dedication our facilities staff members have demonstrated over the last two years in improving the safety of campus operations," said Alysia Starkey, interim dean and CEO. "Their commitment and concern for ensuring Kansas State Polytechnic maintains a healthy work and living environment for our students, faculty and staff is commendable. The facilities team will lead the effort as we continue to expand their safety program to other campus units."

To receive SHAPE recognition, program participants must meet a rigorous set of standards that includes a comprehensive safety inspection from the Kansas Department of Labor and then correcting all noted hazards; establishing effective health and safety training programs; maintaining accurate injury and illness records according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards; meeting the minimum requirements for qualifying Kansas level of injury and illness rates; and actively involve employees in workplace safety and health programs.

"Achieving the SHAPE award illustrates teamwork at Kansas State Polytechnic between the employer and employees in working together to provide a safe work environment," said Lana Gordon, Kansas secretary of labor. "This kind of attention to safety allows for less days lost on the job and for workers to return home free from injury. The Kansas Department of Labor's industrial safety and health consultants provide free consultation services to help businesses prevent hazards at work. We are pleased to partner with Kansas State Polytechnic to help it achieve the SHAPE designation."

Kansas State Polytechnic was recognized in a ceremony on campus Sept. 11. For more information on Kansas State Polytechnic's health and safety programs, contact Rene Leiker at 785-826-2911.


Rene Leiker


Kansas State Polytechnic Campus

Written by

Kimberly Bird