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Executive Education by Kansas State University launching new program for middle managers

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


MANHATTAN – Following the 2017 launch of The Executive Coach, Executive Education by Kansas State University is expanding its offerings to include a new program aimed at a new audience: The Strategic Leader.

The Strategic Leader is an educational program focused on equipping middle managers and executives with the tools they need to help their workplaces implement organizationwide change. Participants will gather in Manhattan for two days of group and individual coaching once every two months.

Sessions for the first year of the program focus around the theme of "people leadership," with topics including task leadership, critical conversations and change management. After each session, participants will return to work with actionable goals and the tools required to implement them.

"After working exclusively with executives in our first year, we are pleased to expand this program and welcome in more leaders from the region," said Russell Disberger, owner of Aspen Business Group and facilitator of the program. "This program is specifically tailored to help middle managers make an impact and grow as leaders within their respective organizations."

In addition to the new offering, The Executive Coach is now forming a second group to begin Sept. 13. Executives work in a roundtable setting with coaches and their peers to hone the skills needed to establish and maintain an optimized workplace. The Executive Coach consists of 12 one-day sessions, meeting quarterly over a three-year period in Manhattan. Anyone interested in joining The Executive Coach can sit in for a sample session at the Manhattan Country Club, 1531 N. 10th St., on Aug. 9.

Executive Education by Kansas State University is a special collaboration between K-State Global Campus and Aspen Business Group. These programs are designed for high-level executives, middle managers and emerging business leaders.

For more information on any of the programs offered through Executive Education by Kansas State University, visit exec.k-state.edu.

Written by

Grant Guggisberg