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Steel Ring Honor Society announces new members

Friday, April 27, 2018 


MANHATTAN — The Kansas State University College of Engineering Steel Ring Honor Society has inducted 22 new members for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Steel Ring is an honorary comprised of seniors in the College of Engineering. Membership is based on leadership, scholarship and engagement. New members are selected by current members of Steel Ring following a written application and personal interview process.

One of the group's primary tasks each year is planning and organizing the College of Engineering Open House in the spring semester. During the recent 2018 Open House, inductees shadowed current members to learn the roles and responsibilities of the organization for the annual event.

Faculty adviser for the group is Craig Wanklyn, assistant dean for recruitment in the College of Engineering.

The following are the new members of Steel Ring:

Kristen Graves, architectural engineering, Andover; Collyn Fouard, biological and agricultural engineering, Brookville; Bailey Herzberg, architectural engineering, Chanute; Mackenzy Meis, chemical engineering, Cimarron; Evan Morrical, biological and agricultural engineering, Culver.

From Greater Kansas City: Tori Thomas, biological and agricultural engineering, Lenexa; Zach Stanley, industrial engineering, Overland Park; and Cody Deas, electrical engineering, Tim McCormick, electrical engineering, Mary Pat Siebert, computer science, and Jessica Stanton, biological and agricultural engineering, all from Shawnee.

Jordan Disberger, electrical engineering, and Lindsey Hageman, industrial engineering, both from Manhattan; Sarah Plum, chemical engineering, Sabetha; Bailey Waters, civil engineering, Salina; Jose Ramos, architectural engineering, Syracuse; Chase Brokke, industrial engineering, and Aubrey Busenitz, civil engineering, both from Topeka; Ethan Hammond, mechanical engineering, Wakefield; and Gabi Biby, mechanical engineering, Wichita.

From out of state: Megan Niblock, chemical engineering, Fergus Falls, Minnesota; and Sarah Peterson, industrial engineering, Houston, Texas.


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Andover, Brookville, Chanute, Cimarron, Culver, Lenexa, Manhattan, Overland Park, Sabetha, Salina, Shawnee, Syracuse, Topeka, Wakefield and Wichita, Kansas; Fergus Falls, Minnesota; and Houston, Texas.

Written by

Mary Rankin