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Kansas Transportation Engineering Conference celebrates its 100th anniversary

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


MANHATTAN — The Kansas Transportation Engineering Conference, hosted jointly by Kansas State University's College of Engineering and the Kansas Department of Transportation, will celebrate its 100th anniversary April 10-11 in the K-State Student Union.

The conference allows industry professionals to spend two days discussing developments within the transportation industry in Kansas and is an integral part of the mission of the university's civil engineering department. The conference's history stretches back to 1918, when it was hosted for the first time and called the Kansas Highway Engineering Conference. Since then, the conference has grown to encompass not only highway topics, but also transportation topics such as bridges, drones, and automated and autonomous vehicles.

For the 100th celebration, topics include a presentation on the history of transportation in Kansas, a panel discussion of the future of transportation in Kansas and various transportation project case studies. The goal of this year's conference is to celebrate the past, present and future of the transportation industry. Included in the festivities are a golf outing, a trade show, a social hour and a special banquet.

The current program chair for the conference is Sunanda Dissanayake, professor of civil engineering.

Conference registration is currently available online at conferences.k-state.edu/transportation/registration/. Any questions regarding the conference can be directed to the meeting planner, Kelli Park Fuhrmann, at kelli6@k-state.edu.