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Kansas State University's Global Campus tops in Kansas for online education, ranks highly nationally

Monday, Sept. 11, 2017

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Kansas State University's Global Campus has been ranked as having the No. 1 online degree program in Kansas by TheBestSchools.org. | Download this photo.


MANHATTAN — Kansas State University Global Campus has been ranked as the No. 1 online college in Kansas, and the program is in the top 25 percent of online colleges nationwide, according to TheBestSchools.org.

Sue Maes, dean of K-State Global Campus, said three components make K-State Global Campus stand out: offering a wide variety of online programs, using on-campus faculty and offering scholarships for part-time nontraditional learners.

"These recognitions validate the effort K-State puts into offering quality education to Kansas residents and people across the world who want to further their education by utilizing online learning," Maes said.

TheBestSchools.org evaluated colleges based on the quality of their programs, the types of courses they offer, their faculty, awards they have received, their other rankings and their overall reputation, including the reputation for effectively providing online degree programs.

K-State Global Campus has students in all 50 states and 44 countries. Also, K-State Global Campus has current online students or alumni in all 105 Kansas counties. More than 500 students graduate with a degree each year through the Kansas State University's online learning.

"That's quite impressive to see the number of graduates increase every year because it shows that in addition to providing quality education, we are also providing the support services needed for students from start to finish," said Long Huynh, associate dean for enrollment management and marketing for Global Campus.

TheBestSchools.org also ranked Kansas State University's online degree programs in curriculum and instruction, early childhood education and social science in the nation's Top 10 for 2017.

K-State Global Campus is the only online college in Kansas to offer a doctoral degree online; it is the only Kansas college to offer online master's degrees in dietetics, agribusiness and personal financial planning; and it is the only college in the U.S. to offer an online master's degree in food science, according to Maes.

"These unique degrees make K-State Global Campus an online college of choice for people who are seeking master's degrees in those niche fields," Maes said.

Kansas State University has an outstanding reputation of excellent faculty who teach both on campus and online, Maes said.

"Having the same faculty teach on campus and online maintains academic excellence and ensures that online students receive the same quality instruction as students who attend classes at all four K-State campuses," Huynh said.

K-State Global Campus also supports online learners by offering several scholarships, as well as scholarships specifically for military members, women and a variety of different majors.

"Not many colleges offer scholarships for online students and nontraditional students, so that's another reason why K-State Global Campus attracts students not only in Kansas but around the world," Huynh said.


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Long Huynh


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Three components make Kansas State University Global Campus stand out: offering a wide variety of online degree programs; using on-campus faculty to teach online courses; and offering scholarships for nontraditional learners.

Written by

Tiffany Roney