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Kansas State Polytechnic’s 2017 McArthur award to Troy Harding

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


SALINA — Troy Harding, computer systems technology professor at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus, has been named the recipient of the 2017 Rex McArthur Family Faculty Fellow Award.

The McArthur distinction annually recognizes a Kansas State Polytechnic professor for teaching excellence, a commitment to research and honorable services to the university, college and community.

Harding grew up as the son of two educators. Although following the path of his parents was not his original intention, he discovered an interest in computers in high school when he helped program the school’s two new computers. This interest led him to double major in computer science and chemistry at Bethany College.

A professor at Kansas State Polytechnic since 1999, Harding has taught classes in programming, system and data administration, web development and IT support. He also created a class on the development of mobile apps after researching the topic for the university.

Harding is a favorite professor at Kansas State Polytechnic, consistently receiving high teaching evaluations from students. On campus, he pushes students to learn beyond their comfort zone, provides mentorship to fellow faculty, serves the campus on numerous committees and collaborates with fellow faculty on publications about advances in the computer systems technology program. Outside of the office, Harding gives his time to K-12 outreach via summer camp offerings and teaches computer systems classes at the local high school.

"Faculty members at Kansas State Polytechnic are truly focused on the success of students — we feel rewarded when our students do well," Harding said. "I am amazed at my colleagues' dedication to our students. A big reason for that dedication is that Kansas State Polytechnic provides a student-focused learning environment in which both students and educators can thrive. We certainly challenge our students by having them apply what they are learning to real projects, but their curiosity and energy challenge us to stay current with technology and keep learning ourselves. It is amazing how much I learn from them.

"I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work here for so long," he said.


Troy Harding


Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus

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Troy Harding

The Kansas State Polytechnic Campus has awarded its 2017 Rex McArthur Family Faculty Fellow Award to Troy Harding.

Written by

Kimberly Bird

Julee Cobb