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Oxbow Animal Health selects Kansas State University veterinary student for academic scholarship

Friday, May 12, 2017


MANHATTAN —A Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine student, Jessica Eisenbarth, Hoyt, is the lone recipient of Oxbow Animal Health's veterinary degree scholarship.

As a company specializing in the care and nutrition of small and exotic animals worldwide, Oxbow annually supports five academic scholarships at different education levels: high school, undergraduate, veterinary technology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. The scholarships provide financial support to outstanding students pursuing education in the exotic and companion animal veterinary fields.

Oxbow scholarship winners are chosen for interest and involvement in the field of exotic animal health, excellence in academic achievement, and expression of future career goals and interests. Eisenbarth, who is now entering her fourth year of veterinary college, was chosen for Oxbow's Veterinary Medicine Academic Scholarship.

"I am extremely passionate about exotic animal species, their health and welfare, and public education about these species," said Eisenbarth, who is concurrently working on a master's degree in diagnostic medicine and pathobiology. "I am so very honored for having been awarded this scholarship. It will allow me to pursue my passions of providing more readily available health care for these species and teach others about the unique things they offer."

Eisenbarth is currently participating in a preceptorship for four weeks with Disney's animal health team in Orlando, Florida.

"This is a clinical and pathology preceptorship that allows me to focus on my career goals of becoming a zoo/aquarium veterinarian," Eisenbarth said. "It's already been a wonderful opportunity and I'm only a couple days in."

"The Oxbow family is passionate about supporting the future of exotic animal health," said Melissa Ross, Oxbow's director of marketing, education and innovation. "One important way we support this future is through our annual academic scholarships. The 2017 Oxbow Academic Scholarship recipients represent what we see as a very bright future for exotic health, medicine and care. We are proud to support these students as they work toward becoming tomorrow's leaders in exotic animal health."


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Jessica Eisenbarth

Jessica Eisenbarth, who is starting her fourth year in Kansas State University's veterinary medicine program, is the recipient of Oxbow Animal Health's Veterinary Medicine Academic Scholarship. Eisenbarth would like to be a zoo/aquarium veterinarian.

Written by

Joe Montgomery