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Monday, June 29, 2015

Tips on How to Remember People's Names
One reason remembering names may be difficult, according to Dr. Richard Harris of Kansas State University, is that we often don't pay attention. Harris points out that most people have a good memory for something, and that "something" depends on their interest. Those invested in interpersonal relationships may have a higher motivation to be attentive to names when meeting new people.

*Kansas State University students' project gives individuals with prosthetic limbs a new look
6/27/15 News-Medical Net
A project by Kansas State University interior architecture & product design students is giving individuals with prosthetic limbs a chance to add some personality to their prosthetic and show the students that their discipline goes beyond creating products or designing spaces.

*Kansas State Salina adds major for unmanned aircraft
6/27/15 KCTV 5
In response to the growing demand, the Kansas State University Salina plans to add a major and two minors focusing on the aircraft. The new courses are scheduled to start in the fall.

Kansas State University on TV

KOKH in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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