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Growing Wellness 2024

Welcome to the Spring 2024 Growing Wellness Project!

Plant pickup begins on February 19th!

This project has been designed by the staff in the K-State Spectrum Center - Student Belonging and Inclusion. The purpose of this project is to bring to you the joy of growing and appreciating the plants around us. In our homes, in our public spaces, and in our landscapes. Participation is voluntary. 

Plant Addict Survey

All information on plants and activities are found on an 8 week Canvas course. Learn with us over those next 8 weeks about how plants in our personal spaces can bring us joy and how helping to take care of our little green friends can create a sense of well-being.

Throughout our time together we will have activities organized for us to participate in - virtual, hybrid, and in-person.

If you have questions please reach out to us!

The program is available to all K-State students, faculty, and staff.

Register here!

Download Plants, Houseplants, Potted Plants. Royalty-Free Vector Graphic -  Pixabay