Leadership Communication Doctoral Candidates

A doctoral student who has completed all their coursework, successfully passed their qualifying examination, and is working on their dissertation is considered a doctoral candidate. Below is a directory of candidates in the Leadership Communication Doctoral program at Kansas State University.

Chibuzor AzubuikeChibuzor Azubuike

Current work: Graduate Teaching Assistant, The Loop blog editor, Staley School of Leadership; Founder, Haske Water Aid and Empowerment Foundation

Education: B. A. Philosophy, M. A. Diaspora and Transnational Studies (African Studies), Certificate of Non-Profit Leadership and Management

Research: A Comparative Study of Resilience among Female Native Americans in the United States, and IDPS in West Africa

Anisah AriAnisah Ari

Current work: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Public Speaking. A.Q Miller School of Communication and Journalism

Education: BSC Public Administration, M.A Peace and Security
Examining Emergent Leadership Practices Amongst Civil Society Organization Leaders in Peace Building

InnocentN'zoret Innocent Assoman

Current work: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Staley School of Leadership; Executive Director, LEAD+AFRICA, Cote d'Ivoire, President YALI West Africa Alumni Chapter Cote d'Ivoire

Education: B.A in English Linguistics, B.S in Entrepreneurship and Management, M.A in English Linguistics, Professional Certification of Advisory in Strategy
Research: An Analysis of Graduate Students' Experience of Civic Engagement in Higher Education, Cote d'Ivoire

Dominic Barnes Dominic Barnes | dombarnes@ksu.edu

Current work: Coordinator of Fort Riley and Military Student Services, K-State Global Campus; President, Flint Hills Chapter of the Military Police Regimental Association
Education: B.A., A.A. in Liberal Arts, M.A. in Modern Languages, Graduate Certificates in Advising and Social Justice Education, U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Education in Senior Leaders Course, Certified Nonprofit Professional
Military leaders in nonprofit organizations: Volunteerism for Enhance Transition Success (VETS)

Sakshi BhatiSakshi Bhati

Current work: Graduate teaching assistant, A.Q. Miller School of Media and Communication
Education: B.S. in Communication, M.A. in Communication
Let’s talk mental health: Analysis of immigrant women’s culturally-centered mental health perceptions and identifying modifiers in interventions through community engagement

Jurdene ColemanJurdene Coleman | jaingram@ksu.edu

Current work: Director of Therapy and Recovery Services. Pawnee Mental Health
Education: B.S. in Psychology, M.S. in Family Studies and Human Services
Research: A examination of school board leadership through the lens of leadership-as-practice: A critical autoethnography

Shukeyla M. HarrisonShukeyla M. Harrison | sharrisn@ksu.edu

Current work: Faculty instructor at the Staley School of Leadership, program director for The Edgerley-Franklin Scholarship
Education: B.S. in Criminology and Sociology, M.B.A in Management, Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership, Ph.D Candidate in Leadership Studies and Communication
Research: The Effects of White Fragility on Black Students within Higher Education at Predominately White Institutions

Jeffrey Johansen - Photo N/AJeffrey Johansen | jeffre91@ksu.edu

Current work: Marketing executive, Hanes Brands International
Education: B.A. in Government, M.B.A. with a concentration in Marketing

Tamas Kowalik Tamas Kowalik | tamaskowalik@ksu.edu

Current work: Community engagement and education coordinator, UFM Community Learning Center
Education: B.A. in Political Science, M.P.A. in Adaptive Leadership
Research: Building capacity vs. dependency: Effects of dependence on authority on exercising leadership and civic engagement in Hungary

Cale MorrowCale Morrow | cale7@ksu.edu

Current work: Graduate teaching assistant, Public Speaking and Small Group Communication, assistant coach to the K-State forensics team, Kansas State University
Education: B.G.S. Theatre Performance, M.A. Communication Studies
Research: Theatre techniques for better social and emotional intelligence building

Ania PayneAnia Payne

Current work: Assistant Professor, Department of English
Education: B.A. In English, M.F.A in Creative Writing
Research: Community-informed approaches to writing partnerships

Rebecca RobinsonRebecca Robinson

Current work: Chief corporate engagement and economic development officer, K-State Innovation Partners
B.S. in Marketing, Master of Business Administration
Research: Assessing the impact of organizational communication on university-industry collaboration: A quantitative examination of university strategic plans

Chase SpearsChase Spears

Current work: Legislative fellowship as Chief of Staff for Kansas State House Representative Pat Proctor (41st District).
M.S. in Journalism, M.P.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Master of Military Art and Science
Research: Exploring the Political Nature and Influence

R.J. YoungbloodR.J. Youngblood

Current work: Economic Engagement Manager, K-State Innovation Partners
Education: B.A. in English, M.A. in English
Emergent Technology and Change: Understanding Leadership as Practice in Gendered Organizations