WellCAT for Life

The Morrison Family Center for Student Well-being offers multiple pathways designed to promote relevant and proactive well-being strategies.


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Thrive Navigators
Thrive Navigators is a departmental student organization under the leadership of Lafene Health Center and the Morrison Family Center for Student Well-being. Members are passionate about students' emotional well-being and mental health.


Well-being Workshops

Well-being Workshops
The MFCSW will provide actionable and relevant workshops to help our students actively participate in their well-being journey. Use the Well-being Workshops link above to select your topic.

The EssentiaLIST
The EssentiaLIST model is a way to start, maintain, or enhance your well-being before and during challenging times. You can increase your sense of well-being by engaging in these micro-strategies on a daily basis! Students will identify their own micro-strategies as well as potential obstacles, so they can be prepared for the inevitable challenges that college life brings.

WellCAT 101: Healthy Habits for BIG Results (Sleep/Time Management/Stress Management) Learn how to develop and maintain effective habits that will have BIG results! Unregulated sleep, procrastination, and unhealthy responses to daily stress can decrease performance and well-being. Students learn to identify obstacles in these areas and how to deal with them more effectively, as well as understand the positive role that “good” stress can have on their lives.

WellCAT for Life: College to Career Starting a new job, moving to a new community, and meeting new people can challenge your well-being. Students will explore their expectations for post-college life, and learn what steps to take NOW, as well as when they move into their new career. Students will make their own Plan by utilizing ideas in the Transition Tool Kit and also learn how The EssentiaLIST model can be used to start, maintain, or enhance well-being before and during these challenging times.


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'Cats Connect
'Cats Connect is a peer-facilitated program for students, faculty, and staff, designed to build social networks and community on campus. 'Cats Connect is sponsored by the Morrison Family Center for Student Well-being and the Staley School of Leadership. Participants are placed in a group of 4-6 people from outside of their social groups. The group meets for six one-hour sessions, where members will get to know each other through a series of fun and thought-provoking questions and engage in a small connection project. Our mission: Building our K-State community through deep, meaningful conversation and connection


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A WellCAT State of Mind

Regardless of your field of study, your well-being and the well-being of others is essential to driving purpose, belong, and performance. This CAT Community course will focus on the social and emotional pillars of well-being to help you thrive!


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WellCAT Toolkit for Well-being

In an effort to help faculty and staff support students who may be experiencing social/emotional challenges, the MFCSW has created the Faculty and Staff WellCAT Toolkit for Well-being. It is an easy to use, all-in-one-place guide to help faculty and staff better assist students and guide them to appropriate resources based on a continuum of needs and resources.