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Launch A Business

K-State LAB

Chad Jackson 
309 Calvin Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66502


LAB Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LAB program?
K-State LAB stands for Launch a Business. It is a venture support program based at Kansas State University. The LAB program provides entrepreneurs access to world-class K-State faculty, students, and alumni support to help launch or grow their business. The program is designed to give first-time founders with early-stage ideas the business basics to turn their concepts into ventures.

Where will the LAB program take place?
The program will be based primarily at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. Participants will not need to spend the full program in Manhattan, but are expected to be in attendance at the sessions and events.

How much does it cost?
The LAB program is free of charge for participants, thanks to the generosity of KS State Bank. There is no application fee, no cost to participate, and LAB will not retain any equity or ownership stake.

Do I need to be a student or alum of K-State to participate?
Absolutely not! Affiliation with K-State is not required. All ventures do need to be based in the state of Kansas.

What will I get if I am selected to participate?
Each participant in the LAB program will receive exclusive access to faculty-led sessions, startup and other business mentors, and hands-on research completed by K-State MBA and undergraduate business students. The estimated value for each participant is approximately $10,000 in support and in-kind resources.

Can my business partner participate?
If your business has multiple co-founders, the initial founding team is welcome to participate. Please note this in your application. Likewise, if you are a solo founder, you are also welcome to apply and participate individually.

What if I don't have a business yet?
That's totally OK! We know many applicants will be in the initial stages of launching their idea. The program is designed to help validate and hone early-stage ventures. Whether or not you have an officially registered business (e.g. LLC), you are welcome to apply.

What if I don't live in Kansas?
Currently, the LAB program will only consider businesses/ founders based in the state of Kansas.