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Great Plains IDEA

Great Plains IDEA

Ashley Schultz
Campus Coordinator
Kansas State University
119 Justin Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Newly Admitted

We are so glad that you haven chosen to become a part of the K-State Great Plains IDEA family! You are now on your way to expanding your network by interacting with fellow learners from across the country with diverse perspectives and experiences. Click through the information below so that you are ready for your first semester!

Complete the Great Plains IDEA Student Acknowledgment Form

All students in Great Plains IDEA programs need to have a signed Student Acknowledgement form on file prior to enrolling in courses their first semester. This form acknowledges the need to share student information between the home institution and the teaching institutions. All information is encrypted and shared through a Virtual Private Network. It is only accessible to the coordinators in the program as they exchange roster and grade information between home and teaching institutions.

Create your K-State eID
  • All K-State employees, students, and those needing access to university computing systems are required to have an eID. Your eID is your K-State user name and becomes part of your K-State email, is used to enroll in classes, access Canvas, and much more.
  • Register for your eID by clicking here.
Check your K-State Webmail
  • Your K-State eID becomes your K-State email address. All communication from the university will be sent to your K-State email address. If you do not plan to use this account for email, you will need to forward this account to the email address you check most often.
  • It is recommended that you use your K-State email account as your link between K-State, your instructors and yourself.
  • Login to your K-State Webmail.
Complete new student tasks
Apply for a Global Campus Wildcat ID
  • Student ID cards are now available to K-State Global Campus students via postal mail.
  • These cards are not required, but we encourage you to consider obtaining one.
  • A digital color copy of a government-issued photo ID and photo are required.
  • New cards are $18 and replacement cards are $20. The cost will be applied to your KSIS account.
  • Apply for the distance learning Wildcat ID.
Review academic resources
  • K-State proudly provides quality resources for our virtual students.  Take a look at the academic services we offer that will help you excel in your coursework.
  • Great Plains IDEA created a Student Success Center to support your online academic and student experience. This Success Center integrates articles and tools about time management, writing and research, career resources and more to help you be successful.
  • Gain insight on how to better utilize your strengths in academics and beyond. Discover your top five strengths with K-State CliftonStrengths!
Connect with your academic advisor
  • Your academic advisor assists you with all academic decisions from course selection to planning your path to graduation.
  • Make sure you check out our Course Planner to assist in course planning and selection.
  • Because you have been admitted to K-State as your "home" university, you will enroll in all of your courses through K-State, using KSIS. This ensures that your transcript is accurate.
  • A course may be taught by a different university ("teaching" university) and in those cases you will still enroll through KSIS at K-State, but when the course begins you will ACCESS the class through the teaching university learning management system (similar to Canvas at K-State).
  • Prior to the first day of class, the Campus Coordinator at the teaching university will contact you with instructions about how to access the course
  • You can learn more about what learning management systems you may use while enrolled in your program by clicking here.

When taking courses from K-State, you will use Canvas to access those courses.

At the beginning of the semester, the course(s) you are enrolled in will appear in your course organizer.

Students can login to Canvas anytime, but classes are in your course organizer only during the semester for which you are enrolled

Take a tour of Canvas

KSIS overview
  • You will use KSIS primarily for enrollment, to check your grades, and pay your tuition.
  • Login to KSIS and become familiar with your new Student Center.
  • You can also visit the KSIS Student Support page for general FAQs.