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General Education: K-State 8

University General Education (UGE)

Students who began at K-State before Summer 2011, may choose to move to the K-State 8 program or complete their degrees with University General Education (UGE) requirements. 

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About UGE

The University General Education program strives to help students widen their perspectives and explore the relationships among various subjects.  The main purpose of University General Education programs is to encourage active learning and critical thinking as well as to broaden students' learning beyond their fields of study.

Students and advisors should know a few things about UGE:

  1. UGE means University General Education.
  2. Students have the ultimate responsibility to meet their program's UGE requirements.
  3. Students should consult their advisors.  To receive an undergraduate degree from KSU, each college requires that students complete UGE courses as part of their programs of study.
  4. Each undergraduate college establishes a UGE program with a provision for breadth of study to help students explore new, different explanations about their world.
  5. Most students will need 18 hours of UGE credit; at least 6 hours of UGE credit must be at the 300 level or higher.  Requirements for transfer students vary, so consult your advisor.
  6. UGE courses are designed with the non-major in mind, and are to provide an active learning environment, experiential context for what is being studied, and an opportunity for students to connect ideas.
  7. The Annotated List of UGE courses is published online.  Not all courses are offered each semester. Consult the course schedule.
  8. UGE courses are designated by a diamond before the course number in the online Course Schedule and are noted as a UGE course in the online undergraduate Catalog.
  9. Students may be asked to complete a UGE course evaluation to assess how well the course meets the UGE goals.

University General Education (UGE)

For students who began at K-State before Summer 2011.