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General Education: K-State 8

Student requirements

Course Requirement Guidelines

Each student must successfully complete credit-bearing courses/experiences to cover all of the K-State 8 areas. Some of the K-State 8 areas may be covered in the student's major.

A minimum of four different course prefixes (e.g., AGEC, MATH, FSHS, HIST) must be represented in the fulfillment of the K-State 8 requirements. That's because the intent of the K-State 8 is for students to explore the perspectives of disciplines that may be quite different from those of their own majors.

When a course is tagged for two K-State 8 areas, the student may count that course toward both areas. However, advisors are strongly encouraged to recommend that students enroll in a sufficient variety of courses and experiences to offer them a genuine breadth of perspective.

Changing Majors, Adding/Removing Minors or Changing Programs of Study

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When students change majors, the change will not affect their K-State 8 requirements.

Transfer credits 

Transfer students will be required to cover all eight (8) of the K-State 8 areas.

When Kansas State University has an articulation agreement with a transfer institution, we will rely on that agreement to determine which K-State 8 area(s) transfer credit(s) could cover. For example, when a K-State course is tagged for one or two areas, then the "equivalent" course from another institution would be tagged for the same one or two areas.

The student's dean's office will determine — on a case by case basis — which K-State 8 area(s) can be allocated to a non-equivalent transfer course. [The K-State 8 College Council determined this procedure for use during the first year of The K-State 8 implementation. The decision will be revisited after the first year.]

Readmitted Students

Students who are readmitted in Summer 2011 and later will be designated as required to meet the K-State 8 by the Office of Admissions. Deans’ offices can make an exception for the readmitted student who has completed UGE or who would prefer to complete UGE requirements, and allow them a choice.

Test credits


Course credits based on test credits (Advanced Placement, CLEP, etc.) are tagged for the same one or two areas as the equivalent K-State courses.

Overlap of K-State 8 and UGE General Education Programs

Students who began their programs of study at Kansas State University under the UGE general education program may complete their degrees with UGE requirements or may choose to move to the K-State 8 program. We must accommodate students in both the new K-State 8 program and the current UGE program for about five years. Undergraduates who begin their study at Kansas State University in the Summer or Fall semester of 2011 or later must meet the requirements of the K-State 8 program.