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State Coordinator
Extension Nutrition Programs
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picture of shopping list

Saving money (and time!) at the store starts before you step out of the door. Here are some useful tips to help you save time, spend less and get ready to fix healthy, tasty meals your family will enjoy.

  • Plan ahead

-  Taking time now to think about upcoming meals will save you time AND money in the days ahead.

-  Start with your menu – what meals will you fix? For more help with this step, check out the SNAP-Ed Menu Planner.

  • Check the recipes

-  Even if it is an old favorite, re-reading the recipe is a smart move. You will be glad you checked the details – it will save you time (and substitutions) later!

  • Make a list

-  Write down items you will need for each recipe. If an ingredient is needed more than once on your menu, be sure you write down the total amount you will need.

-  Save more time – build the list on your phone! You will save time by not having to look for lost paper lists.

  • Shop at home first

-  What foods or recipe ingredients do you already have on hand?

-  Be sure to check staple foods – those you always keep on hand – to see if you need to buy more.

-  Do you have frozen leftovers (for example, pasta sauce) that you can use in your casserole recipe?  If so, mark that item off your list!

-  Do you have dry pasta on hand so that you don’t need to buy more?

-  Shopping at home first prevents us from buying unneeded items, saves us money and shortens our time in the store!

Save More at the Store 

Adapted from https://www.bustle.com/articles/157810-11-tips-for-learning-how-to-cook-once-for-all. Accessed August 21, 2019.