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Indian Students Association

Incoming Students to Kstate 


Indian Students Association congratulates you for choosing K-State and takes pleasure in welcoming you to Manhattan, KS. ISA is a voluntary organization that coordinates events to bring people of K-State and Manhattan to celebrate and cherish the different cultures and aspects of the Republic of India.

Temporary Accommodation

One of the roles that ISA has taken upon is to provide a temporary accommodation for incoming students. We try our best to find a suitable temporary accommodation for you, but due to high volume of requests we cannot guarantee to everyone. Your priority should be to find a permanent place, keep trying. ISA team can assist you in that regards as well.

Temporary accommodation space is a first-come first-served service, so apply as soon as possible. Also, please allow ISA enough time (few weeks) before contacting regarding your application's decision. Please fill this form with your necessary details in looking for a temporary accommodation for you.

 Please refer to the links below for some housing options in Manhattan. Contact isa@ksu.edu for more queries

On campus housing

Off campus housing


WhatsApp Group for Incoming Students

To help establish communication between new incoming students and scholars, ISA can add phone numbers of interested incomers to a WhatsApp group. The group can be used to discuss travel plans, potential roommates, shared drives or cabs and any other mutual assistance. ISA team member(s) will facilitate friendly discussion in the group. Any violators of professional conduct will be removed from the group and further actions might be escalated if deemed necessary.