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Indian Students Association

2023-24 ISA Committee 

Want to be a member of the Indian Students Association Executive Committee for the period 2019-20?

Application is closed as of 5 pm Central Time on August 25th  

Selection Process

In case of more than one application for any post, current committee, members** of ISA and faculty advisor will decide on the selection process.

Applicants will be notified of the details of the selection process after application deadline date. Applicants should be present during the selection process.


Applicant should be affiliated with K-State as a full-time student or research scholar. Applicant should have a running affiliation with K-State for the term 2023-24, barring certain situations like early graduation, transfer, etc.,

No proxy submissions. Only applicant should submit the application.

One submission per applicant. In case of multiple submissions, only the latest submission will be considered. 

** - Members of ISA present during the selection process.