Sponsored Project Accounts

  • The President has delegated the authority with respect to contractual and compliance matters for sponsored projects involving University personnel or facilities to the Vice Provost for Research. Operationally, that authority is exercised through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) which has been designated to be the sole office within the University for the required official signature authority with respect to all contractual and compliance matters that involve University personnel or space and that are proposed to be submitted to potential sponsors external to the University.
  • All proposals whether new or continuing must be processed through ORSP for formal University approval and signature prior to submission to external sponsors. The ORSP also has sole authority in the acceptance of grants and contracts and subsequent modifications. These policies and procedures apply to all campuses and branch stations of Kansas State University.
  • All sponsored projects where KSU agrees orally or in writing to provide any goods or services using university facilities or the official time and services of KSU faculty and/or staff are to be treated as grants, contracts, research agreements and/or awards to KSU.

The Sponsored Project policies and procedures are in Chapter 7010 Pre Award Services in the University Policies and Procedures Manual.

For more information and assistance, please contact the University Research Office of PreAward Services 785-532-6804.