Foundation Accounts

  • University funds are not to be deposited into a Foundation Account.
  • Checks made payable to Kansas State University, but should appropriately be deposited into a Foundation account are to be forwarded to the University Controller's Office, Cashiers Section with proper documentation. A replacement check will be issued payable to the KSU Foundation.
  • Expenditures are to be supported with a copy of an invoice or other documentation.
  • Property costing $5,000 or more and purchased with Foundation Funds is to be added to the University inventory and a property number attached to each piece of equipment purchased. Property with a cost under $5,000 which meet the departmental inventory criteria is to be added to the departmental inventory
  • The statements are to be reconciled each month.

Policies and procedures are in Chapter 8210 Foundation Funds - General Information of the University Policies and Procedures Manual.

For more information and assistance, please contact the Division of Financial Services 785-532-6210.