Contract Signatures

  • State and federal laws as well as policies and regulations of Kansas State University and the Kansas Board of Regents must be followed when preparing, accepting, signing, and executing legal documents.
  • The University has authorized only certain individuals to sign legal documents and has officially filed these names with the Board of Regents. All contracts are to be in the name of the University. Individual schools, divisions and departments are not to enter into contracts.
  • Whenever KSU agrees orally or in writing to provide any goods or services using university facilities or the official time and services of KSU faculty and/or staff are to be treated as grants, contracts, research agreements and/or awards to KSU. The President has designated University signature authority to the Vice President for Research for all sponsored programs.

The policies and procedures relating to signature of contracts or agreements are in the Board of Regent Policy Section B. Fiscal Management and in

Chapter 3070, University Contracts and Chapter 7010 Pre Award Services of the University Policies and Procedures Manual.

For more information and assistance, please contact the Division of Financial Services, Sponsored Programs Accounting and Financial Reporting 785-532-6207 or the Office of PreAward Services 785-532-6804.