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Office of Institutional Research and Assessment


Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research & Assessment (OIRA) at Kansas State University serves as the official source of comprehensive information about the University and provides analytical support to the University's planning, assessment, and decision-making processes.


  • Serve as the official source of institutional information for the University.
  • Provide data and analytical support to the University's mission and strategic directions.
  • Prepare mandatory reports required by federal and state agencies.
  • Lead and coordinate assessment of student learning
  • Provide support for systematic University-wide participation in planning, program review, assessment, and accreditation.
  • Initiate and conduct studies, surveys and analyses in support of critical institutional endeavors.
  • Develop and deploy BI tools and maintain IR information portals via user-friendly and easy accessible venues.
  • Prepare reports for other internal and external stakeholders.

Ethical Principles

AIR Statement of Ethical Principles