Commerce Bank Presidential Awards for Diversity

The Commerce Bank Presidential Faculty/Staff Award for Distinguished Services to Historically Under-Represented Minority Students was established in 1978 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to the development of quality education for students of color at Kansas State University.

The Commerce Bank Presidential Student Award for Distinguished Services in Enhancing Multiculturalism at Kansas State University was established in the spring of 1997 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to diversity enhancement within the student sector.

Commerce Bank Presidential Awards Selections committee members for 2022-2023 include:

  • Mirta Chavez, Commitee Chair, Assistant Vice President, Student Belonging and Inclusion
  • Tamara Bauer, Instructor, Staley School of Leadership Studies.
  • Rebeca Paz, Assistant Director, First-Generation Student Center.
  • Spencer Clark, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Dr. Brandon Haddock, Coordinator, Spectrum Center.
  • Dr. Amy Betz, Assistant Dean for Retention, Diversity and Inclusion, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department.

2023-2024 Award Applications:

The nomination deadline closed Friday, October 25th, 2024 at 5:00 p.m

Questions may be send to Adam Carr via email (


2022-2023 Award Winners:

Faculty & Staff: Dr. Maria Teresa DePaoli, Professor, Department of Modern Languages

Student: Roselle Barretto, PhD Candidate, Biological & Agricultural Engineering