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Institute for Environmental Research

Institute for Environmental Research

Kansas State University
0056 Seaton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone: 785-532-5620
Fax: 785-532-6642


The Institute for Environmental Research is able to fill a wide range of research requirements. Specific research projects vary from major, multi-year programs to small, very specific projects which can be planned and executed in a few weeks. Contract research has been conducted for a number of government agencies including the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the Federal Emergency Management Administration, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and for numerous private companies both large and small. We encourage people to call or write us to discuss their particular research needs.

Research Examples

  • development and evaluation of clothing for extreme hot and cold environments
  • research to establish an insulation data base for clothing systems and sleeping bags
  • research to establish exposure limits for workers in hot industrial environments
  • development of methods to evaluate the heat stress imposed by protective clothing
  • measurement of radiant/convective split of heat gain from office equipment
  • experimental evaluations of heat and moisture transmission through building materials
  • a 1,600-subject study to establish a data base for indoor thermal comfort requirements
  • research to quantify the dry and evaporative heat loss through evaporative heat loss through fabrics used in fire fighter turnout gear