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Performance Coaching: Unclassified Professional Staff

Performance Improvement Plan

This period is a test of an employee’s ability to overcome areas of opportunity and meet expectations, and an opportunity for an employee to develop and enhance professionally.  A performance improvement plan may be initiated at any time when there is a documented need to improve performance. As a best practice, at minimum, a 30-day notice should be given to the employee BEFORE implementing a Performance Improvement Plan. Performance Improvement Plans may be 30, 60 or 90 days in length with varying supervisor responsibilities based on the length of the plan.   

A performance improvement plan will not change the annual review due date.

Employee Relations & Engagement can partner with and coach management/supervisors on proper documentation and progressive discipline processes.  All supervisors of unclassified professional staff are encouraged to complete Best Practices of Evaluating Unclassified Professionals, an interactive online training session provided by Employee Relations and Engagement.  This online training opportunity will highlight strategic best practices necessary for efficiently completing performance reviews and disciplinary action. 

We encourage supervisors and managers to engage in the training in the prior paragraph. Additionally, the Unclassified Best Practices document may be of further support.