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Rewarding Employees

There are many ways to recognize an employee for excellent service.  One way is to nominate them for an employee award.  You can also find other ways to recognize employees.

University Support Staff Employee Opportunity Fund

University Support Staff Employee Opportunity Fund donations are made to help with academic achievement, work expense not funded by their department or to reward outstanding leadership.

Non-Monetary Award Ideas
  • Give the employee a Balloon (anchored with chocolate)
  • Hang a banner in employee's work area celebrating employee's accomplishment(s)
  • Give out Certificate of Appreciation
  • Decorate employee's work area in a fun way
  • Email to the employee acknowledging a job well done with a copy to their supervisor or department head
  • Select an Employee of the week/month for the unit/area
  • Send an "Exceptional Service" letter signed by the department head
  • Give Flowers
  • Have a bulletin board specifically for notes of recognition
  • Give immediate verbal or email feedback when employee does well
  • Lunch with department head
  • Nominate employee for university support staff award
  • Have a floating trophy that gets passed around for special accomplishments
  • Personal Thank You note (send it to the home address)
  • Place public acknowledgement(s) on a bulletin board, unit web site or newsletter
  • Hold quarterly or monthly dept./unit celebration for recognitions
  • Super stone - find a rock, decorate it, move it around as employees go above and beyond.
  • Take employee to Call Hall and buy them ice cream
  • Take employee to lunch or for coffee
  • Give tickets for an athletic or cultural event
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