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Mediation Assistance

It is very important to K-State that employees feel comfortable & safe in the work place and that you are being treated fairly. All of the dispute resolution resource personnel at K-State are committed to assisting employees in identifying the appropriate resource and assisting you in making that contact to resolve the situation.

Mediation is a positive addition to the resources here at K-State. It is another sign that K-State is committed to having positive, healthy work environments for all employees.

Employee Relations Mediation Services for Employees

Mediation is a process in which a professional negotiator sits down with the parties in conflict and helps them look for mutually acceptable solutions to the issues in dispute. The mediator does not make the decisions, but instead, works with the parties to identify their needs and interests and to develop creative options for resolving the conflict.


Mediation FAQsAdvantages of Mediation

Contact the Mediation Coordinator:

Charlotte Self
Director, Employee Relations and Engagement
Human Resources
111 Dykstra Hall


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