Honor Pledge Translations

Kansas State University is proud to welcome 1820 international students as K-state Students (data from fall 2017, http://www.k-state.edu/isss/about/statistics.html) from 106 different countries. While most of these students do come to campus writing and speaking English already, we recognize that the idea of an honor pledge may be a new idea or concept culturally to some of our international students.

Thanks to work of faculty and staff within the English Language Program, the K-State honor pledge and a summary of what it means has been translated into 10 languages in an attempt to help assist our international students.

If you are a current K-State student and your language is not represented and you would like for it to be, please contact us at honor@ksu.edu and we can work together to translate it.

.Pdf translations available:

Translation into Arabic

Translation into Chinese

Translation into French

Translation into Hindi

Translation into Japanese

Translation into Korean

Translation into Portuguese

Translation into Spanish

Translation into Turkish

Translation into Vietnamese