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Honor and Integrity System

Development and Integrity Course Information

  • Has been shown to reduce the chances of a second Honor Pledge violation at K-State.
  • Taught through the College of Education, Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology and is titled: EDCEP 502--Topics or Issues in Education/Development and Integrity.
  • An educational sanction sometimes assigned by Honor Council hearing panels when a student has been found in violation of the Honor Pledge.
  • An educational sanction sometimes given by KSU faculty who believe students can learn from 1) reflection on a violation, 2) lessons about plagiarism, and 3) strategies to prevent another Honor Pledge violation.
  • Assigned as a complementary sanction along with other penalties such as a zero on an assignment, a rewrite, a cap on a grade .
  • May be used to remove the "X" portion of an assigned grade of "XF."

    Permission is needed to enroll and may be obtained by contacting phoning the Honor & Integrity System office.