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Behavioral Ecology

Education and Outreach

BIOL 198: Principles of Biology - K-State's introductory Biology course for majors and non-majors. This course is taught in a studio format in which staff provide a framework and guidance while students work through a variety of exercises designed to aide their understanding of concepts.  We usually have 8-10 sections of 78 students each semester.  I teach a section per semester and coordinate the entire course in fall semesters.  I also create and manage the web material for the course and am an author for the eText and studio manual.  For more information about this course see: https://www.k-state.edu/biology/pob/

BIOL 515: Behavioral Ecology - This class explores the broad topic of animal behavior. We consider the evolutionary, ecological, genetic, neurological, and hormonal basis of behavior and discuss topics such as mate choice, foraging, antipredator behaviors, game theory, aggression, and cooperation. A lecture class, but with lots of student interaction, 3 exams, and a required written project.

BIOL 697 & 698: Topics and Problems in Biology - Courses designed for students to work on individualized topics of study (697) or to do an independent research project (698). For examples of past student projects, click on the "Research" tab at left.

Invited presentations - I sometimes give presentations to local groups about research at the Konza Prairie or about Kansas herpetofauna.