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When to call Employee Relations and Engagement

We welcome the opportunity to help you find answers and work toward solutions.

Employee Relations and Engagement has several functions designed to provide information and assistance to all University employees on a wide range of workplace issues.

Consultation: Administrators, supervisors, and any K-State employee can contact our office to ask questions about employment policies. We also provide guidance related to individual and organizational effectiveness in the workplace, and we strive to assist with and develop high quality, effective resolutions to workplace issues.

Dispute resolution: We coordinate the University's dispute resolution systems, which includes direct assistance with workplace disputes and referral to ombudspersons, mediators, and other dispute resolution services.

USS Disciplinary and Grievance Processes: We administer the disciplinary and grievance processes for USS employees. The Director acts on departmental requests for disciplinary action, such as decision-making leave, dismissal and demotion.

Unclassified Professionals Disciplinary and Grievance Processes: We provide assistance to University administrators upon request concerning employment actions and processes, including the grievance process for unclassified professionals. We represent the administration in any such grievance hearings.

Disability Services: The Director serves as the campus ADA Coordinator and is responsible for University compliance with the ADA. The Director assists with requests for reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

Workplace Improvement Tips and Resources: Any K-State employee can contact our office to inquire about tips and resources to improve the workplace environment.


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  • Grief & Loss
  • Stress
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  • Special Needs & Gifted Children
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