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Green Roofs

Research Background

Monitoring of five green roofs by the APDesign green roof research team started with development of the first roof in 2009. Our aim is to better understand how green roofs function in Manhattan, Kansas, given that these created green roof ecosystems experience rigorous temperature and wind extremes, as well as periods of drought and intense rainfall. Our desire is to encourage thoughtful design, implementation and management of low-impact green roofs in the Flint Hills ecoregion, as well as other parts of Kansas and the Great Plains. 

We expect that our broader aim of helping create sustainable and resilient communities can be more readily achieved by integrating findings from green infrastructure research with the work of designers, contractors, maintenance personnel and the community. Wisely considering green roof inputs and outputs is important if water is to be conserved, aesthetically-pleasing vegetation is to be maintained, and ecosystem services are to be optimized. We view green roof research implemented over longer time frames as vital if we are to better understand these created ecosystems and improve how green roofs are designed, implemented and managed.

While other green roofs are present on the K-State campus, this website highlights those currently being studied by the APDesign green roof research team.

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