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Green Roofs

People Involved

This research would not be possible without the tireless efforts of many individuals. There has been enormous support from several colleges, as well as much-needed assistance from facilities staff, contractors and two professional design teams.

Please let us know if you've helped and your name is not listed below. Many people have assisted and it is easy to lose track of everyone involved.

Primary Research Team:  Lee R. Skabelund, associate professor of landscape architecture and regional & community planning, with students and past-students Lekhon Alam & Yuting Gao, candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy in environmental design; James Lin, Agronomy student; Miguel Perez, Architecture student; Allyssa Decker, PhD (2021); Priyasha Shrestha, MLA (2019); and Pam Blackmore, MLA (2019).

K-State Faculty and Staff: Trisha Moore, assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering; Carol Baldwin, extension (range/ecosystem management); Mary Knapp, associate agronomist; Stacy Hutchinson, professor of biological and agricultural engineering; Michael Gibson, associate professor of architecture; Deon van der Merwe, adjunct faculty member in diagnostic medicine & pathobiology; Ajay Sharda, assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering; Mary Beth Kirkham, professor of agronomy (soil-plant-water relations); Charles Rice, professor of agronomy (soil microbiology) Gerard Kluitenberg, professor of agronomy (soil & enviromental physics); Dave Haukos, adjunct associate professor of biology; Brent Chamberlain, assistant professor of landscape architecture and regional & community planning; Jeff Taylor, research assistant in biology; Dale Bremer, professor of horticulture and natural resources; Todd Gabbard, associate professor of architecture; Timothy Todd, instructor of plant pathology; and Joe Myers and Brett Robinson, past and present grounds maintenance supervisors, K-State Division of Facilities.

Partners: Jeff Bruce, Chuck Dixon and David Stokes, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company LLC; Charlie Sedlock and Corey Coffelt, Summit Materials and Buildex; Tim Sharp, Blueville Nursery Inc.; and Chris Cline and Hank Moyers, Confluence.

External Faculty Collaborators: Kim DiGiovanni, Olyssa Starry, Bruce Dvorak, Richard Sutton and Liat Margolis.

K-State students assisting in substantial ways with research, monitoring and/or management: Ryan Peters, Kyle Koehler, Chad Dykstra, Jaeyoung Ha, Marcos Aleman, Richard Colwell, Eliza Seagrist, and Jeremy Merrill


Upper Seaton research


deon flying his drone


"We sincerely appreciate everyone who has graciously given their expertise and experience to improve our research. We encourage all to become more informed and involved in daily water, energy and resource conservation activities."
— APDesign Green Roof Research Team

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If you would like to tour the AP Design Green Roof, please contact Lee Skabelund.