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Green Roofs

Additional Information

Publications, websites, documents, and posters are available at the links below:

Upper and Lower Seaton Hall Green Roofs

KSU Seaton Hall Green Roof Research & Demonstration Projects 

KSU Seaton Hall Green Roof Demonstration & Research Project poster 

Kansas Flint Hills Green Roof Research 2009-2014: Resilience of Native Species 2014 Cities Alive paper

Prairie Green Roofs

A Designer’s Guide to Small‐Scale Retro‐fit Green Roof Planning, Design, and Implementation 

Prairie-Based Green Roofs: Literature, Templates, and Analogs

Chapter 2: Monitoring Abiotic Inputs and Outputs in Green Roof Ecosystems 

Governor's Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas

Memorial Stadium Green Roofs

2017 Cities Alive Towards characterizing green roof vegetation using color-infrared and thermal sensors

2017 Cities Alive Monitoring two large-scale prairie-like green roofs in Manhattan, Kansas

Preparing the UAS for flight over the green roofs