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Graduation honors

Bachelor’s degree candidates who are earning graduation honors from Kansas State University wear a purple-and-white honor cord on the left shoulder of their commencement gown. Honors are awarded based on their Kansas State University grade point average. Eligible students also must have completed a minimum of 60 undergraduate hours at K-State, with at least 42 undergraduate hours in graded courses at K-State.K-State graduation honors:

Summa cum laude

For students with a 3.95 or above GPA.

Magna cum laude

For students with a 3.85-3.949 GPA.

Cum laude

For students with a 3.75-3.849 GPA.

Graduation honors for undergraduate students are based on undergraduate coursework. Any concurrent graduate or professional credit earned is excluded from the calculation of bachelor degree graduation honors.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree candidates receive these honors based on courses completed in the professional program.

For the purpose of the commencement ceremony, unofficial graduation honors are recognized for bachelor's degree candidates who possess the required K-State cumulative grade point average prior to the start of the semester in which they plan to participate in the commencement ceremony, and who have completed or are currently enrolled in enough credit hours to satisfy the credit hour requirements.

Commencement program key

(Scl) Summa cum laude
(Mcl) Magna cum laude
(Cl) Cum laude
(H) Honors program
(S) Secondary major
(SU20) Summer 2020 graduate
(F20) Fall 2020 candidate
(S21) Spring 2021 candidate
(D) Dual degree

* Double, multiple majors
(P) Posthumous degree