Genetics Doctoral Fellowship Program

PhD applicants are encouraged to apply for a new K-State Genetics Doctoral Fellowship Program that started in the Fall Semester of 2013. This Fellowship is open to both US and international applicants.

This competitive fellowship requires that all application materials are received by December 15 and requires additional material to be included in your application - consult the Applications page for details.

The K-State Genetics Doctoral Fellowship Program provides students with an opportunity to experience research in up to 3 Genetics faculty labs before choosing a PhD mentor. Each Fellow is supported with a Graduate Research Assistantship 12 month stipend plus tuition and benefits yearly. This level of support is guaranteed to the Fellows for 5 years as long as they continue to make progress towards their PhD and maintain a 3.4 GPA.


K-State Genetics Fellows are required to perform at least 2 laboratory rotations under different advisors, and are encouraged to rotate in a third lab. Rotations should be approximately 8 weeks long, and will give Fellows an opportunity to experience difference research topics, methods, and styles of different research groups before choosing a permanent PhD advisor and home laboratory by the end of their first year. During the rotations, Fellows will gain research experience relevant to each lab's focus, and will also be expected to attend regular journal club and/or laboratory meetings of the host lab.

Course requirements:

The course requirements for the K-State Genetics Doctoral Fellowship Program are identical to those required by the standard K-State Genetics PhD program , though the Fellowship Program may place an increased emphasis on completing the bulk of coursework within the first 2 years of the program.