Current Projects

Fair Compensation/Pay Equity

Working Group Members: Judy Klimek, Kathrin Schrick, Esther Swilley

The PCGE recently compiled an Equity Report on female-male representation, pay equity, and leadership representation among students, faculty and staff. This subgroup will work on a follow-up analysis.

Menstrual Equity

Working Group Members: Leena Chakrabarti, Christie Launius, Colleen Rittmann, Sophia Thuenemann

The PCGE plans is working alongside other groups to provide menstrual supplies on campus free of charge. A pilot program currently supplies 12 restrooms on the K-State main campus with pads and tampons free-of-charge.

Mental Health

Working Group Members: Slava Prokhoret, Rachel Levitt

The PCGE is working with several other groups on campus to create help for all members of the K-State Family.

Professional Development Fund

Working Group Members: Esther Swilley

The PCGE reviews and grants funds for up to 50% of expenses with a maximum of $500 per academic year. Deadline for applications is March 24th for the Spring 2023 semester. View the Application for Funds (pdf).

Sexual Assault & Violence Climate Survey Task Force

Task Force Members (from the PCGE): Sophia Thuenemann

A campus climate survey was administered to all Kansas State University staff, faculty and students in November 2021. The task force was involved in analysis of the results.

Transgender Taskforce Representatives

Rachel Levitt, Stephanie Foran, Christie Launius

The PCGE is working on many Transgender Taskforce issues, including those relating to inclusive safe spaces on behalf of all members of the Kansas State University community.

Past Projects

Health and Safety Fliers

Working Group Members: Clara Valadares Kientz, Sara Thurston

The fliers near the sinks in campus restrooms were previously an ongoing project of the former PCSW. We are always open for ideas on the subjects and designs of these fliers, and help is needed regularly to replace fliers with newer topics.

Current and past fliers:

Counseling Services - female (jpg)

Counseling Services - male (jpg)

Drink Responsibly (jpg)

Lactation Station Locations (pdf)

STDs (jpg)

Lactation Stations

Working Group Members: Many members over numerous years have worked on this project which culminated in Best Practices presented to former President Myers in 2019.

One area of need on campus has been for permanently designated rooms that can be used by nursing females to express breast milk. Rooms: 016 Anderson Hall, 124 Berney Welcome Center, Bill Snyder Family Stadium: Gate B, Bramlage Coliseum, 2108 College of Business, 182A Dole Hall, 2199 Engineering, 101A Hale Library, 105 K-State Student Union, 243A Leadership Studies, 113 Leasure Hall, 1099 Regnier, 1103 Seaton Hall, 108A Trotter Hall, 108B Trotter Hall, 202 Umberger Hall, 302 Umberger Hall, and 207A Willard Hall have been established as lactation stations on the Manhattan campus. These 17 areas have each been equipped with privacy dividers, an electrical outlet, a table and a chair. There are also two designated areas at K-State Salina -- 117 Salina Technology Center and the Student Life Center female restroom -- and one area at K-State Olathe, room 212. Plans are underway for additional rooms in Dickens. If you have any suggestions, changes or comments about the lactation stations please contact us at Read more about the history of this project, click here.


We were previously working on getting a SANE/SART nurse in Manhattan. Former President Myers and the Student Body Leadership were informed about this situation. There was some progress toward this goal with a January 2018 date given as an expected completion date for having 2-3 nurses trained at the Via Christi Hospital.